Your Instagram favourites: Ink blending

Hi all!

Remember the #2015bestnine on Instagram? I never posted it since I preferred to show you my favourite projects. The hashtag though, showed me that you really, really like my ink blending backgrounds and I thought I would do a very first post on these on my new blog! If you follow me on IG you know what I’m talking about. Here are my favourite blends:

You guys have said so many lovely things about my ink blending and asked a lot of questions along the way. That’s why I wanted to tell you something about these.

As you can see in the pictures all of these blends are done with Ranger Distress Inks. They have a huge range of colours which are all lovely, I want to buy them all! Next to that I use the small ink blenders from Ranger. With these you can change the little cushions on them so you don’t need a tool for every color.

When I first started these I used Ranger Watercolor Paper. This is lovely sturdy paper on which the colours blend very nicely. Later I bought a very cheap watercolor book at my local craft store. I have to say, the paper isn’t as nice as the Ranger paper but since it’s somewhat smoother it blends amazingly well! The brand is called 4Art and I think it’s very much a Dutch brand… However if you’re a beginner and getting frustrated with splotchy ink blends, try a smoother paper, it might help!

When I have my paper taped up on my desk I’m looking for some nice colours. I always swatch them first to see if I think if I’m going to get them to blend! Some colours are just too far apart en you end up which a brownish ink stain in the middle. Yes it happened to me too ;). Make sure you put colours next to eachother that give a nice blend.

Best advice I can give you: Have fun! Try cheap paper first so you don’t have to be afraid to mess some up. Experiment, try weird colour combinations and be amazed about what works. Next to that, the continuous blending motion you’re going to need is quite the workout too! 😀