Shopping Copic Markers

Copic Markers are by far my most loved and treasured (because expensive!) coloring medium. I simply love the clean and finished look they give. Starting with Copics… Not so simple though! In upcoming blogs I would like to tell you more about how I went trough that process. From first buys (which ones to pick?!) and storage options to which ink and paper to use. It’s quite a lot to talk about!

Yesterday I went to my not-so-local art store (worth the drive!) to find myself some new colors. It was quite a spontaneous action and that’s the first thing I’d like to advise you: Think before you step foot in a craft or art store! 😀 I always black out once I see all those Copics…

Anyway, thanks to my photographed Hex Chart I was able to make some sane choices and I came home with these:


Mostly greens, some browns and two brights. I prefer to use bright colors and I mostly had natural greens, so I wanted somewhat more bright green colors! Next to that I’m still surprised how much browns I ure. When coloring critters or backgrounds, they are so very versatile. The R56 and BG57 really spoke to me so I had to take them home.

What are your favourite Copic Colors? Do you make a plan before you shop? What kind of problems do you have with them? Let me know in the comments, there is so much to tell about these!

Have a great sunday,



2 gedachtes over “Shopping Copic Markers

  1. I started my Copic journey around May last year when I was given some duplicates a friend had. I then bought ones in the same family group for blending. Since then I’ve bought based on colour combinations I’ve liked on crafters colouring videos and also via the Online Card Classes class Copic Markers for card makers. I’m finding which colours I go to most and which I don’t think I’ll use much. It’s expensive, so I mostly have Ciaos, but some Sketch. I do prefer the feel of a sketch, but they are that much more expensive. I think the trick is to have less pens! Lol!! Love your greens. I need more greens definitely. Xx

    • Yeah you should totally buy them based on nice combinations! I look at other crafters for that and on Pinterest too! The problem I realised this weekend is that when I want to take them with me on holiday I need a huge bag. Not very convenient… so yeah, less is more and the Ciao’s take less space too 😉

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